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Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi is the present head of the Azeemia Sufi Order, and a world famous spiritual master. His mission and his invitation to the whole of mankind is that they should learn the Inner Knowledge, realise their latent potential so that they may get to know the Lord Creator of the universe, and hence enjoy a blissful life here and in the hereafter.


UK Muraqba Halls
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Azeemia Foundation UK, MANCHESTER

General Secretary : Mr. Mirza Bashir Azeemi 

110 Ayres Road

Old Trafford

Manchester M16 7QT

Tel: 0161 227 7773


Muraqba Hall, MANCHESTER

In Charge: Mr. Shukat Ali Azeemi

110 Ayres Rd, Old Trafford

Manchester M16 7QT

Tel: 0161 226 2798


Azeemia House (Healing Centre), MANCHESTER

Mr. Nisar Ahmed Azeemi & Mrs. Tahira Nisar Azeemi

45 Bunyard St.

Cheetham Hill

Manchester M8 7RE

Tel: 0161 205 6267


Muraqba Hall, LONDON

In Charge: Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah Azeemi

Community Center

Eton Road

Ilford IG1 2UE

Mobile: 0786 886 6222


Muraqba Hall, LONDON WEST

In Charge: Mrs. Najma Siddiqui Azeemi

98 Shakespeare Road


London W3 6SN

Tel: 0208 993 2540


Muraqba Hall, BRADFORD

In Charge: Mr. Tariq Mahmood Azeemi

10 Thornbury Crescent


Muraqba Hall, OLDHAM

In Charge: Mr. Muhammad Siddique Azeemi

58 Minton Street, Glodwick



Muraqba Hall, BIRMINGHAM

In Charge: Mrs. Sakina Bibi Azeemi (Women Section)

In Charge: Mr. M. Shabbir (Men Section)

71 Sandhurst Avenue


Birmingham B36 8


Muraqba Hall, NELSON

In Charge: Mrs. Perveen Khaleel Azeemi

128 Carr Road

Nelson BB9 7ST

Tel: 01282 447240


Muraqba Hall, ROCHDALE

In Charge: Mr. Mirza Bashir Hussain Azeemi

In Charge: Afshan Begum (Women Section)

6 Nigher Moss Avenue, Rochdale

OL16 5BW

Tel: 01706 345149


Muraqba Hall, LEICESTER

In Charge: Mr. Haji Farooq Azeemi

West Knight, Leicester



Muraqba Hall (English), GLASGOW

In Charge: Mr. Ali Asghar Azeemi

3 Flowerdale Place, 

Southpark Village, 

Glasgow G53 7UR 

Tel: 0141 638 3790


Muraqba Hall (Urdu), GLASGOW

In Charge: Mr. Naeem Ahmed Azeemi

468 Allison Street, Glasgow G42 8TA 

Tel: 0141 423 3804


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